Top 8 Reasons to have a HVAC Service Agreement for your Home

Would you go a year without changing the oil in your car?  No.  Then why would you go a year without tuning up your HVAC system? 

HVAC service agreements are designed to do just that.  Putnam Mechanical’s service agreements provide a checkup and tune-up for your system at the start of the winter and summer seasons.  Check out the top 8 reasons below to have a service agreement for your home  –

  1. Reliability – By completing preventative maintenance on your HVAC system(s) twice a year your equipment is less likely to breakdown.
  2. Cost Savings – Preventative maintenance services are designed to keep your systems running at maximum efficiency. This will prevent running too often or not often enough which directly effects energy costs.
  3. Equipment Lifetime – Service will help to maximize the life of your equipment and components.
  4. Warranty – Many factory warranties require preventative maintenance services to be completed annually or the factory warranty may be voided.
  5. Lease Requirements – Often times those leasing are required to complete preventative maintenance services on all equipment or the leaser may be directly responsible for repair or replacement costs.
  6. Safety – Since many furnaces are gas powered, the winter check will ensure there are no unknown safety hazards.
  7. Expert Inspections – Service agreements ensure your equipment is inspected twice annually by industry leading certified technicians. Technicians will be able to identify looming issues early to ensure there are no breakdowns.
  8. Automatic Reminders with Easy Online Scheduling – Putnam Mechanical will automatically remind homeowners of when services are due and give the homeowner the ability to go online and schedule the appointment themselves to identify what date and time works best.


Check back next week for our top 8 reasons to have a service agreement for your commercial facility!

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What is a heat pump unit?

Over the years, HVAC professionals all over have experienced this call –

HVAC Company – “Good morning, Putnam Mechanical, how may I help you?


HVAC Company – “Is your system a heat pump unit?”

Home owner – “Yes it is a heat pump unit., BUT WHY IS IT SMOKING?”

HVAC Company – “That is most likely steam, not smoke and it is perfectly normal for a heat pump unit”

What is a heat pump unit?

A heat pump condenser unit is an outdoor unit seen frequently in North Carolina.  When a heat pump is used for heating, it utilizes the same refrigeration cycle used by an air conditioner, but in the opposite direction.  This releases the heat into the air-conditioned space rather than the surrounding environment.

Why does steam sometimes come from the unit?

Unlike a traditional furnace system, a heat pump unit is equipped with a “defrost mode.” During the heating season the outdoor coils tend to frost or potentially ice-up during the winter months causing the unit to lose efficiency.  By regularly defrosting itself, the unit keeps the outdoor coils clear to maintain proper air flow and keeps the unit running efficiently.   Most heat pump units are automatically set to run defrost mode every 60 or 90 minutes.

How does defrost mode work? 

During defrost mode the first step is the outdoor fan motor stops running.  This helps to build-up pressure and heat to assist in melting the ice away.  Second, the reversing valve shifts from heating mode to air conditioning mode.  By shifting to air conditioning mode, the outdoor unit becomes the condenser and allows warm refrigerant to pass through the coils to defrost the unit.  Finally, the supplement (electric) heat in the air handler will energize to provide heat during this process.

How long is the defrost process?  

The unit should only be in defrost mode for a few minutes, on an as needed basis.

If the unit is constantly in defrost mode or does not defrost there is likely a problem with the unit and you should contact Putnam Mechanical immediately.  

Don’t be left in the cold, contact Putnam Mechanical at 704-799-3665.  Our technicians are available 24/7. 

How Often Should a Furnace Be Inspected?

From Angie’s List –

Before the cold weather hits, experts recommend having a professional service your furnace to keep it in good running order and prevent it from failing when you need it most.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning experts say annual furnace inspection and service will prolong the life of the system, save energy and decrease health risks.

Benefits of a furnace inspection


HVAC experts say up to 75 percent of no-heat calls in the winter are related to a lack of maintenance. Left unserviced, a furnace can stop working suddenly, leaving your family in the cold.

It can also be a health hazard. Experts say a furnace inspection can reveal carbon monoxide leaks, which are hard to detect because the gas is colorless and odorless. Carbon monoxide can lead to headaches, dizziness, nausea and even death. An estimated 500 people die each year, and 15,000 people are taken to emergency rooms, because of exposure.

Not maintaining your furnace — whether it’s gas or electric — can cause it to run less efficiently, making it work even harder, therefore increasing your monthly energy bills, experts say.

Other service checks include:

  • Checking the thermostat settings to make sure the system is properly running.
  • Inspecting electrical connections and testing voltage on the system components to prevent any component failure in the future.
  • Lubricating moving parts.
  • Inspecting the condensate drain so it’s not obstructed.
  • Checking system start-up and shutdown controls for proper operations, as well as changing the filter.

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